Sudoku Tool Booklet Printing

Want to print Sudoku puzzles in a nice booklet format?

It’s easy with Dr Arf’s Sudoku Tool. Just a few clicks and¬†puzzle books come out of your desktop publishing printer.

The Sudoku Tool offers a simple dialog for printing formatted Sudoku puzzles.

Print Setup Dialog
Figure 1 – Print setup dialog to print a 24 puzzle booklet.

Simple instructions to make bound booklets with most desktop printers.

Print Setup Dialog
Figure 2 – Booklet printing instructions found in help.

Print Sudoku puzzle booklets for the road with all of the puzzles in the booklet at your skill level. Print as many puzzles as you can bind in a booklet. Print many booklets. Print solutions for every puzzle.

Play Sudoku when travelling with a pen or pencil. (No batteries required!)

Download the tool and try today.

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